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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Commonly Asked Questions and other important facts of the Parade.

 If you have any other questions or inquiries please  feel free to contact us.

What time does the Parade start and what is the route?

The Parade starts 

promptly at 5:00pm at the intersection of Bramalea Road & Central Park Drive, heading North on Bramalea Road to North Park Drive. The Parade will then head east on North Park Drive, concluding at North Park Drive and Jordan Blvd. The Parade runs rain or shine and we suggest you dress accordingly.

When should I show up to watch the Parade?

The Parade takes approximately 60 minutes to pass by, but it may take some time to get to you depending on where you are on the route.  If you are at the end of the route, it may not reach you until 6pm or so. 

Please plan accordingly. We recommend arriving early to find parking and the optimal place for you and your family to watch the Parade.

Should I bring my letter for Santa?

YES! All letters are picked

up just prior to Santa’s arrival, keep your eyes out for Santa's helpers who will be collecting the letters to give to Santa.

Vendors Along
the Parade Route?

Vendors along the Parade route are NOT associated with the Brampton Santa Claus Parade. Vendors

are NOT to be on

the road after 4:30pm. Any transactions with vendors are done so at your own risk.

How can I Volunteer?

The Brampton Santa Claus Parade is a volunteer organization and is always looking for new volunteers to help organize and run the Parade. Visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE for more information.

How can I apply to participate
or enter a float into the Parade?

Please visit our PARTICIPATION PAGE 

(coming soon)

for more details!

There is absolutely NO street parking on the Parade route after 2:00pm, on Parade day, until the road re-opens at approximately 8:00pm. This is strictly enforced by the City Bylaw Department.


Parking is easily accessible and available around the Parade route  Have a look at our Parade Route Map to plan your parking location close to the route!


PLEASE NOTE: Some parking locations will be affected by road closures, including some streets and parking lots ONLY accessible from Bramalea Rd and North Park Drive. Vehicles parked on those streets or lots (e.g, Pineway Pl, Salvation Army) will not be able to leave until the Parade has concluded and the road is re-opened.

Parking On Parade Day


Where Is The Best Place To

Watch The Parade?

Anywhere along the route will give you a good view of the Parade,  some areas tend to be busier than others. 

Parade Viewing
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